About Us

    Looking for a valued vendor that is customer-oriented that can provide you with awesome service at an awesome price?


TC Mobile P.C. values your needs and wants to become your last source for all of your telecommunication requirements. Whether you are looking for data/voice cabling, phone systems /maintenance, fiber-optic cabling, Network administration, or any other Communications related items.


1.  One Stop ~ One Source.

   TC Mobile P.C. is the world’s first End to End provider. We take care of everything to the desktop.

2.  Looking to converge over to VoIP services?

   TC Mobile P.C. can supply you with all of your needs as well as the VoIP service. Long Distance, office to office extension dialing, etc. VoIP has come a long way and the features/benefits have superseded Key/PBX systems. Call for information.

3.  Experience:

   Our staff has 10+ years experience in solution providing for various marketplaces; Government, Financial, Hotels, Schools, Contracting, Industrial, Telecom, IT and many others. There is a solution that is right for you! TC Mobile P.C. can help you find and establish a top-of-the-line system solution.

4.  Planning and Implementation:

   Planning for present and future technologies can be difficult. TC Mobile P.C. is skilled in the current and upcoming technologies. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, Fiber-optic Technologies, Server Technologies, Software Technologies, etc.)

 TC Mobile P.C. not only supplies you with the equipment, we also install it, all the way to the desktop. Why have separate vendors, one for phone system and one for LAN?

TC Mobile P.C. understands the need for peace of mind in today’s marketplace and we provide it.

Know what you want to achieve but no idea how to prepare for it?

The answer is a phone call away.

Branch Offices?

   TC Mobile P.C. are experts in the National Rollout and Maintenance arena as well.

   TC Mobile P.C. has multiple National Facility Management Clients that utilize the experience of TC Mobile P.C. to service branch offices of nationwide customers. From cabling to national rollout, TC Mobile P.C. can help you develop a secure and methodic IT plan, plus we can even install it for you as well! Have tools, will travel. Skilled and Professional Technicians are just a standard benefit using TC Mobile P.C..

Call and ask for our National Services.

Budgetary planning

   Need help for planning next year’s telecom and IT budget?


   Utilize TC Mobile P.C. Budget Planning Services. TC Mobile P.C. will sit down with you and go over past and present Communications, IT, and Telecommunications expenses and help see where you are now and where you would like to be. By analyzing these figures, TC Mobile P.C. can help you plan for the future while lowering the total cost of ownership. In most cases, by careful study, we can provide you with a term contract showing the estimated expenses for the next year. This allows you to project an accurate budget expectation. Of course, sometimes situations do arise. Careful Budget Planning is crucial for unexpected events.

Call TC Mobile P.C. to setup a BPS survey.

Peace of mind is only a call away.

pricing with purpose

   In today’s economic marketplace, budgets are tight. Getting the most for your money is important, while not sacrificing quality. TC Mobile P.C. exists to provide you with the best solution for your budget. TC Mobile P.C. provides competitive proposals. In turn, providing you with peace of mind, while receiving the highest quality service and products you expect and deserve. All materials and workmanship are backed by warranties ranging from a minimum 1 year warranty to lifetime warranty plus the manufacture’s warranty.

We stand by our work with pride.